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⚡ Creating a space for slow fashion, sustainable style, and ethically sourced decor. ⚡

Hi, I am Denise Viola. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My early years were spent between the beloved, magnetic Buenos Aires and my family adobe outside of Córdoba, where I established my first connection with nature. That appreciation grew into a deep respect for our planet, and a desire to experience its gifts. Since then, I have traveled all over the world to discover how the environment flows throughout us, and what my personal path with it would be. I formed my own family here in the United States, where I live with my son Liam.

I founded Harebell Group because I believe in good deeds that change the course of the world, and that by creating opportunities for others to join me in my mission, we will form a wave of positive change. My philosophy is to cause as little impact as possible to our planet, and to help each other, so that someday soon we can all live in harmony.

That is why I constantly search to create friendly and slow spaces. Hence, Harebell was born, a sustainable company with subtle and inclusive collections. With a strong stance towards fair trade, respect for our roots, and kindness among all beings, we strive to provide sustainable styles that support like-minded visionaries around the world.

My inspiration comes from the women in my family who forged ahead of me, marked my path, and who I think of every time I create a new project where dreams come true.


Harebell is a certified B Corporation sustainable company, born from my desire to find clothes that are good for the soul, for the world, and for others.

Our roots are Latin American and our e-shop offers an exquisite selection of beautiful products made with raw materials that preserve our heritage and take care of our planet.

We welcome all those who share our values and deeply wish to live in a better world. If you appreciate slow fashion, inclusive collections, and sustainable styles we hope you will enjoy our store and support these beautiful creations by beautiful people.

- I am very grateful to this wonderful team -

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Hi! Do you need help choosing a design?🤗