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cruelty Free

Every product in the Sustainable Shop is cruelty-free, and most are vegan. The decision to include wool is based on promoting the development of endangered species such as the Vicuña in Argentina and restoring whole ecosystems. These products have a Wildlife Friendly Certification ensuring the welfare of the animals. This certificate also applies to the merino sheep wool we use. While we value and encourage veganism, it is also important to us to support healthy ecosystems and the native communities who raise these animals so they can provide for their families. Quadruple impact is in our core: social, environmental, economic and cultural.

Carbon Footprint

Harebell Sustainable Shop produces very low carbon footprint:

  • We use electric cars to deliver our products
  • Everyone works from home
  • We monitor our water usage and set specific goals to reduce it
  • We compost, recycle, reduce and reuse
  • Training and re-educating old habits is encouraged

We offset the carbon footprint caused by importation by planting trees in alliance with our partner One Tree Planted.

Slow Fashion Happiness

At Harebell every product we sell can be pre-ordered and custom-made for any type of body shape and size. If you can’t find your size or it is out of stock, just use backorder! The wait is worth it. You will have a Latin American designer and their team working specifically on your product that will fly in with our monthly orders and be delivered to your door just the way you envisioned it. This way we can guarantee it’s going to be a perfect fit, thus avoiding overstocking while encouraging slow fashion.

We want you to be happy with the way you live and consume – and the products you wear can make a huge difference. Small steps can take us far. We care about our supply chain and creating better opportunities for Latin American designers. We encourage designers to become sustainable and do value-based business, showing them that doing things in a different way is totally possible. We’re working together for a happier world!

We use that philosophy within our own walls as well. We care about the happiness of our team, so we created a space for them to become their better self. Spiritual growth, volunteering and giving back are as important to us as the day-to-day tasks.

At Harebell, we use The Happiness Index to measure the numerous factors that contribute to happiness. The index includes “psychological well-being, health, time balance, community, social support, education, arts and culture, environment, governance, material well-being, and work” (Happiness Alliance, 2014c).

Raw Materials

Our materials fall into three categories:


Pineapple leather, biodegradable leather, organic and regenerated cotton, hemp, wool, Tencel and other natural materials


Old garments or fabrics that have been repurposed, end of roll scraps destined to landfills, defective items from garment factories are all reused in new, beautiful pieces


Anything you can think of from Tetra Pack to industrial, construction and farming nets to yute coffee bags


Harebell has strict quality requirements. We ensure every brand and designer is compliant with those rules and upholds our core values and standards including: caring for people and the environment, fairn and dignifying work conditions, transparency, and animal welfare.

Our process after finding a brand involves thoroughly reviewing their work processes, communications and materials. After they qualify, Denise meets them personally and asks them questions, and might request proof such as documents and bills. The questions are oriented towards understanding the values they stand for, their work ethic and their approach to sustainable fashion. Only then does she decide if they are a good match/addition to the company. Finally, they are added to the Sustainable Shop, sometimes with just a collection, other times as a whole.

Fair Wage & Transparency

We pay the fair price for each item added to the
Sustainable Shop ensuring a healthy supply chain.
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Hi! Do you need help choosing a design?🤗
Hi! Do you need help choosing a design?🤗