Mango Midi Wallet


Resistant laundry washable medium wallet made of recycled silo bags and micro perforated canvas. Choose your color!

Open wallet dimensions: 11.8 in (30 cm) x 4.33 in (11cm) Closed wallet dimensions: 3.9 in (10cm) x 4.33 in (11cm) Medium size wallet with space for coins, bills and cards.
Made out of micro perforated canvas. Reinforced with recycled silobags. Ethically made in Argentina.
Three panels with divisions. 
Zippered pocket for coins. Two see through pockets. Foldable. With elastic bands for closure.

This Wallet is made out of a resistant and easy to clean material. Seams are made with high resistance nylon thread, which allows you to fully load your carrying accessory.

All of our wallets are designed and built to last. Treat them with love and they will be forever there for you.


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