Linen Chemise


Knee length chemise with short sleeves, side pockets and adjustable at the waist. It can’t get any better. Oh yes, it can! It’s made of fresh linen!

Composition: 100% Linen

Unique size FITS S-L

Width: 25.98 in (66 cm)
Length: 40.16 in (102cm)

With a timeless design, our Chemise Cordões can be used as a dress or as a long shirt, over jeans or tailoring. Versatile, goes well in chic looks, with heels and blazer, or more stripped down, with sneakers and casual sandals. Bonus: drawstring at the waist and side pockets!
This model was made by transforming high quality shirts that, due to small defects, did not pass the quality controls at the factory and gained new meaning in our hands. These pieces are handcrafted by means of the Comas System of Upcycling Raiz, a process that allows us to reproduce our recipe of models, with a size grid. With embroidery and small patches, we repair the defects of the original pieces one by one, thus creating details that make them unique.

Model: Lucia @lupedraza (H 6’2,5 – 1,81 m / 35.5-27.5-41)

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