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Sustainability Is At Our Core. In Everything We Do As Individuals And As A Company.

At Harebell we:

  • Use solar energy
  • Reduce water and electric consumption
  • Recycle and compost. We have a Zero Waste policy
  • We offset the carbon footprint of importation by planting trees in alliance with our partner One Tree Planted
  • Deliver our products using electric cars Use only recycled, non-toxic packaging that can biodegrade in home compost conditions (our suppliers are No Issue and Botanical Paperworks)
  • Use only home composting, recycled, non-toxic packaging (click on our footers Stamps for more information)
  • Educate, educate, educate
  • Donate money to causes we support as a company and as individuals
  • Volunteer
  • Promote transparency on our whole supply chain
  • Work from home/ walk, bike to work

We want to help you make better, smarter decisions as a consumer. Our main goal is to raise awareness around the way you consume. We aim to help you reframe your consumption habits and realize that with each purchase you make, you can make a huge difference.

Every product we sell can be pre-ordered and custom-made for any type of body shape and size. If you can’t find your size or it is out of stock, just backorder! The wait is worth it. You will have a Latin American designer and their team working specifically on your product that will fly in with our monthly orders and be delivered to your door just the way you envisioned it. This way we can guarantee it’s going to be a perfect fit, thus avoiding overstocking while encouraging slow fashion.

We coach our team to leave less carbon footprint, recycle more, and have a healthier lifestyle to lower the impact on our planet. We know little daily steps towards change can make a big difference, even when we can’t be perfect all the time. At Harebell we help you make a conscientious transition to a better way to live and consume.

Our slogan says - Play your part- and we mean it! -

Raw Materials

We have three areas


Pineapple leather, biodegradable leather, organic and regenerated cotton, hemp, wool, Tencel and other natural materials


Old garments or fabrics that have been repurposed, end of roll scraps destined to landfills, defective items from garment factories are all reused in new, beautiful pieces


Anything you can think of from Tetra Pack to industrial, construction and farming nets to yute coffee bags

Fair Wage & Transparency

We pay the fair price for each item added to the
Sustainable Shop ensuring a healthy supply chain.
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Hi! Do you need help choosing a design?🤗
Hi! Do you need help choosing a design?🤗